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At Minerva, we’re all about finding new ways to help brands succeed. We love tools that do the work for you; that’s why we created a full-scale digital platform that works hard for brands, so you don’t have to. Deliver, scale and monetize newsletter brands all in one place, armed with the power of our data and tech.

our properties.

Back Then History
Cooking & Cocktails
The Daily Atom
Back Then History

Back Then History

Back Then History teaches you the one-of-a-kind histories behind everyday objects. Ever wondered who created the paper clip? Or why bubble wrap was invented? Back Then History connects you with history trivia to share with your friends and family through a daily newsletter and site experience.

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culture at Minerva.

At Minerva, we're dedicated to curating a culture of innovation and respect in both our product development and in our employees' daily lives. We achieve this through generous perks and groups dedicated towards diversity and inclusion.
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meet the team.

Andrew Smist

Analytics Lead

Brayden Crosta

Sr. Software Engineer

Brendan Mahoney


Brian Frake

Manager, Product Analytics

Christine Lai

Head of Product

Danni Rausch

Account Manager

John Savino

Manager, Software Engineering

Lauren Cabral

Sr. Content Writer

Maddie San Martin

Manager, UI/UX Design

Mark Epes

Business Development Lead

Nate Reznicek

Director, Traffic Analytics

Shannon Mills

Sr. Human Resources Business Partner

we're hiring!

We're hiring! We believe in growing people's careers as much as growing our brands. We are always looking to add more creative, analytical, and entrepreneurial people to our team. Check out our openings below!

Open Positions

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